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Products on this website are not suitable for children under the age of 3 yrs.

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How to apply transfer tattoos..

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  • Make sure you wash and thoroughly dry the application area of skin  before applying the tattoo. Any oils or creams on the skin will affect its adhesion. It is best to clean the application area with an alcohol wipe prior to application.

  • Transfer temporary tattoos are activated by water.

  • Remove any clear protective films that may be present protecting the tattoo.

  • Cut around the tattoo as close as possible to the design.

  • Place the tattoo face down on the area of skin where the tattoo is desired. Ensure it is the correct way up.

  • Apply even pressure to the tattoo paper backing using a wet cloth or sponge. Wait about a minimum of 60 seconds and then remove the cloth and gently slide off the paper.

  • Allow the tattoo to dry naturally.

  • How to remove transfer tattoos..

  • The transfer tattoos will come off naturally over a few days just with normal washing.

  • Tattoos can be removed quickly and easily with either baby oil or an alcohol cleanser.

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    How to apply Ink Tattoos and Stencils..

  • Position the self-adhesive stencil to the required area. Ensure the skin is dry and clean.

  • Using your Tattoo Ink Pen or Dauber, apply the ink to the desired area, applying the lightest colour first.

  • Once your design is finished, carefully remove the stencil and leave the inks to dry for about 2 minutes.

  • Some stencils can be re-used, if removed carefully, but only for the same person.

  • If using a Sparkle Pen or a Small Tattoo Pen just take the top off and it’s ready for use. If using the larger Ink Daubers then unscrew the bottom off the dauber and remove the ink refill tube. Carefully squeeze a small amount of ink onto the sponge tip.


    How to apply a Glitter Tattoo..

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  • Clean the skin and make sure it is lotion free and dry.

  • Remove the backing from the stencil and carefully stick the stencil to the skin. If using a 3 part stencil remove the top layer. Keep these part as you may possibly be able to re-apply them to re-use the stencil.

  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the exposed stencil area and allow it to go clear and tacky.

  • Use the glitter brushes to apply the glitter to the glue, and gently remove any excess with the large brush.

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  • For use under adult supervision only. Not suitable for children under 3. Do not use near eyes or mouth. Do not use on broken or damaged skin. In the unlikely event of irritation wash off with warm soapy water immediately. Glue and inks can stain fabrics/clothes.

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